Nov 21, 2019

International Disaster Conference 2019

  • The Peninsula Manila, Makati, Philippines

The International Disaster Conference (IDC) Series is a stream of events organized by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation ASSIST, to bring together leaders, experts, policy-makers, and practitioners in Asia in the field of disaster and crisis management, showcasing practical actions that inclusively address context-sensitive urban resiliency challenges brought by climate change and disaster impacts.

Building on the foundation of the previous Forums, this year, the IDC Series, will bring a sharper focus on WATER, with the theme, “Future-Proofing Water through Innovation,” driven by the global risks and disasters associated with water, and learning from experience, action, and best practices towards water resilience and development. The event will promote counteractive measures to alleviate the worsening water-related risks and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, specifically SDG 6 geared towards water-climate-related issues.

This year’s conference will showcase top-caliber global experts in the area of water sector to generate solutions through brainstorming of practical approaches, actionable policy recommendations, and potential partnerships to address real-time water-related disaster and crisis in countries like, India, Philippines, Thailand, just to name a few. In addition, an Asia-wide Solutions Search will complement the conference showcasing practical and innovative actions to future-proof specific water-related issues.

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