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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR) are hosting a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience. The MOOC has over 50,000+ participants and will see its first session end on November 30, 2021. If you complete the course before November 30, 2021, you have the unique opportunity to get your profile featured on this page.

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Anunanda Unni

Student Intern at Industrial Tribunal, - India

"It is only by working together that we will address the challenges the world faces. But without nature on our side, even that will not be enough." I am a forever Environmental Enthusiast who always wanted to understand more about the challenges faced by the environment due to the increasing human activities which have led to climate change eventually causing disasters like the #keralafloods. So last month I had a wonderful opportunity to pursue a course "Natural based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience" conducted by the UN Environment Programme and PEDRR supported by the European Union, in collaboration with edX and SDG Academy, which presented me with the very idea of how Nature can itself be Solutions and how abundantly the Natural Resources can reduce Climate Change and Disaster Risk if used efficiently.  

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Abdulrasheed Usman Shuaib

Student at University of Nigeria, - Nigeria

I feel elated with the completion of my course on Nature-based Solutions for disaster and climate resilience. I learned that times demand invention, innovation, imagination and decisions to curb the adverse effect of climate change and disaster. Nature is the best ingredient for that! All hands must be on deck to assuage the grief of a loss that could have been so overwhelming. My call is to the young at heart regardless of age.#NatureforResilience  

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Anyse Pereira Essoh

Climate Promisse Facilitator, Climate and Environment at United Nations, - Portugal

I had the opportunity of enrolling in the Massive Online Open Course "Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience". It is certainly a well-designed course, with lots of useful and practical information, including real-life examples. There is much to say about the course content but essentially the message to me was 'we need to work with nature rather than against Nature'. NbS subject is transversal and I feel like I am more aware of how national and international organizations, businesses, local and national governments actually have many options to implement strategies to 'take advantage' of natural resources in a sustainable manner. More than punctual interventions to do so, this needs to, step by step, turn into a mindset and a new normal, rather than the exception.  

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Clare Celeste Börsch

Climate Fellow at, - Germany

So thrilled to have completed PEDRR 's "Nature-Based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience" course taught by ECO-DRR expert Nathalie Doswald of the UN Environment Program. I am inspired and motivated to work together with the Earth's living systems on nature-based solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises. My own work has always celebrated our planet's biodiversity - and my appreciation for our earth's ecosystems and the life-sustaining services they provide has grown even deeper through taking this course.

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Meraiah Martino

Teacher, Writer, Biology Graduate, - Philippines

I found great inspiration and gained so much new knowledge from taking the course Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience by the UNEP and The Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR). So much so that right after, I began digesting all my learnings and shared it with ClimateScience Community Philippines and we decided to make an event based on the course! We tried localizing the context of Nature-based solutions and came up with novel ideas! What a time for us advocates! #NatureforResilience  

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Sara Giovarruscio

Climate Reality Leader, - Australia

As part of my journey to better understand the #climatechange and #biodiversity crisis, I learned that nature offers multiple solutions. Everyone should know how nature-based solutions can be applied to various challenges, from reducing carbon emissions to solving societal problems such as income inequality, food security, etc. I highly recommend this course where Nature-based Solutions are described with passion, and you’ll find plenty of real-life examples & initiatives implemented around the world. And, after all: “Nature is much, much older than we are and will be around long after we are gone.” So why we shouldn’t work with nature rather than against it?  

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Gopikrishnan S

Civil Engineer, Farmer, - India

The course experience has really supported my thoughts related to Nature-based solutions for the environmental risks faced by my State "Kerala" in India. Since 2008, we have faced various kinds of natural hazards and still continue to do so, sometimes at peak intensity. With the concerns in technical response systems (eg. Installation of early warning systems), we must put a focus on sustainable, cost-effective, and beneficial solutions simply "Nature-based Solutions" like conservation of water storage, Blue - Green infrastructures like the great green wall initiative in Sahara, Sequestration of carbon by preserving wetlands, Mangrove seawall to minimize flooding and erosion, construction and conservation of peatlands, etc. Nature-based Solutions is an umbrella term that encompasses many different approaches that must become a part of policy dialogues and planning of Kerala. Well-structured presentations and the discussion platform coordinated by PEDRR with the support of UNEP, EU, and SDG Academy was an awesome professional experience for me.  

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Sharbani Chattoraj

Philomath, - India

The course 'Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience' developed by UNEP and PEDRR (Partnership for Environment and DRR) is an absolute eye-opener. The development practitioner in me is overjoyed by the abundance of real-life examples of how Nature-based Solutions are being implemented in various parts of the world, and insightful suggestions for what we can do wherever and whoever we are.  

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Salem Afeworki

Energy and Sustainability Services Manager, - United States

🍃 Nature provides many solutions to keeping us healthy while reducing the negative impacts of #climatechange. It also can boost human health and provide protection against future #pandemics. There is a big untapped potential in Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for disaster and climate resilience, especially in urban areas where poverty and inequality are more evident. #30x30 Working together with nature rather than against it can we increase our ability to protect and adapt to climate and disaster impacts.🌱🙌  

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Ella Kaleta

UNSSC-UNFCCC PACCDA Ambassador 2021, - England

Having participated in the COP26, I am pleased to see an increased focus on loss and damage in relation to mitigation and adaptation and working with Nature to tackle climate change. Nature-based Solutions are critical for minimising climate change impacts - they are integral to addressing the biodiversity crisis, and are economically viable for disaster prevention. This course from PEDRR (Partnership for Environment and DRR) will take you through the different forms of NbS for a variety of contexts: coastal, urban, and drylands. It will teach you about how NbS can create socio-economic resilience while preserving ecosystems and their capacity to empower indigenous and marginalised people. Highly recommended! #NatureforResilience #UNEP #PEDRR  

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Evannah Jayne

Circular Economy Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO at Terran Industries., - Australia

If we are to continue living and thriving on this planet, we need to copy Nature. Earlier this year I completed the course "Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience" by the PEDRR (Partnership for Environment and DRR). Definitely an inspiring course, I learnt a great deal! The time to take action on climate change is now, and nature will play a huge part in helping us succeed. By implementing the solutions described within this course, humanity will have a greater chance of survival. The knowledge this course provides is information everyone should know. #NatureforResilience #climatechange #environment #sustainabledevelopmentgoals  

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Casper Horton-Kitchlew

Environmentalist, Campaign Comms, Tech Marketing, - England

And there we go! Happy to have completed an intro to Nature-based Solutions with PEDRR. Highly recommend it to anyone curious about the tie in between the restoration of nature and climate resilience. One of my favourite examples given in the course is the restoration of mangrove forests as coastal buffer zones – here's to hoping we can do something similar internally in the UK with the restoration of naturally managed floodplains plus beaver populations and their dams and floodplains as rainfall surges increase. #NatureforResilience #environment #unitednations  

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Hanseth Fondzenyuy

Master, - Cameroon

Thrilled to have taken part in the Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience course. To tackle climate and environmental crisis, it is vitally important that we work together with Nature which will go a long way to improving the health of the planet and make sure it stays healthy. It is increasingly important for governments, the private sector and local consumers to take action through the effective implementation of Nature-based Solutions. The time is now.    

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Vathanak Soeun

Sustainable Urban Design and Planning Advisor, Architectural Engineer, Lecturer, - Cambodia

This module has shaped my knowledge of the vital roles of Nature to create a resilient community and society. Moreover, I am impressed with the whole course starting from course preparations, lectures, case studies, especially experts who have done a great job in the entire process of delivering this resourceful module. Hypothetically, there are many Nature-based Solutions that are ecologically existing in our living environment. It is substantial for everyone to participate in constructing an environmentally friendly society by considering the main root of the earth's ecosystem and how to tackle the global catastrophe, Climate Change. #NatureforResilience #climatechange #sustainability    

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Alok Panigrahi

Energy Transition, Climate Change, - India

#Nature is much, much older than we are and will be around long after we are gone. By working with rather than against Nature we can indeed make a better world. Today, humanity is faced with a choice to continue on an unsustainable trajectory or STOP & THINK STOP & LISTEN STOP & LEARN from nature. GO SLOW !! Let's get started. Nature-based Solutions are the key to a better & #sustainable world.    

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Grujica Šarenac

Environmental Consultant at AECOM, - Singapore

Thankful for the opportunity to take and successfully finish this interesting course! Always remember that Nature has all the answers we need if we look close enough. #NatureforResilience #UNEP #PEDRR    

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Sebastian Montero

Ecologist, with 3 years experience as a Junior Consultant in USAID, CI, and IDEAM., - Colombia

Thank you very much to PEDRR, UNEP, and SDG- Academy for letting me learn about how important it is to use Nature-based Solutions to enhance resilience to disasters and climate change. I´m very grateful for all I learned and hope other colleagues can join and be part of this wonderful course.    

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Mariam Youssry

Fresh graduate from Faculty of engineering Ain shams university department of Environmental architecture and Urbanism, - Egypt

In my senior year of college, it's safe to say I became interested in various disciplines relevant to many future prospects, one of which being disaster risk reduction, which brought me back to my initial desire to make a real difference. Our reality is environmental degradation and climate change, but they do not have to be the future's as well., prof. dr. Marwa A. Khalifa, recommended that I check out the MOOC provided by PEDRR (the Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction) on Nature-based Solutions for disaster and climate resilience for a more in-depth look at what I'd learned. Not only did it pique my initial interest in environmental issues and climate change adaptation, but it was also easy to juggle with work and extremely easy to understand given the dense topics it explains, not to mention it broadened my perspective on current issues and provided the necessary tools to make a difference whether you're a civilian, stakeholder, or politician, all while working with nature. Working with Nature is gaining traction in Egypt, but not as quickly as it should, and I was excited to learn that this course didn't just focus on foreign solutions that wouldn't fit in with my country's situation, but it encompassed an array of diverse contexts and a slew of solutions that got you thinking.    

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Mauro Toffetti

Country Sales Director at iQuadro Energy Service Company, - Italy

Act Now !! You too can enroll in the course!! Dear friends and partners, I have completed this MOOC with great satisfaction. It was a course that excited me very much. A course that allowed me to increase my knowledge and skills with training aimed at applying urgent solutions, based on nature wherever in the world, even where you live now. I suggest and advise you with all my heart, to subscribe too and to participate in the creation of a network of active and aware people. It will take you a few hours of study a week, but the gain for everyone will be very high. Thank you very much, a warm greeting.  

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