Apr 18, 2023

Integrating Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction into Humanitarian Programming

  • Online
  • 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (Eco-DRR) provides a holistic approach to community resilience, over time and at scale, for current and future risks. Eco-DRR can reduce vulnerability and increase resilience of communities; reduce the likelihood of natural hazards developing; and reduce exposure to disasters, while being relevant for addressing several natural hazards (e.g. landslides, tsunamis, hydro-meteorological and climatological hazards).

UNEP and IFRC are collaborating on a project to build institutional capacities at the national level in four counties; Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize and Grenada to incorporate Eco-DRR measures into the National Societies’ programming. The project tried to influence government programmes and initiatives to uptake and upscale Eco-DRR measures to the extent possible. The project included: i) capacity strengthening and dialogue on Eco-DRR with National Societies and where appropriate other relevant disaster, environment and climate stakeholders; ii) an analysis of key plans and policies relevant for eco-DRR, as well as of existing data, to support National Societies and/or other relevant stakeholders to develop national action documents for mainstreaming Eco-DRR; iii) and documenting lessons learnt and reporting on the process of incorporating Eco-DRR into programmes and initiatives.

The session presents some of the key results of the initiative from the four Caribbean countries including action frameworks and roadmaps for further expanding and integrating Eco-DRR and NbS into the Humanitarian sector. The session also includes lessons learnt, barriers and challenges, as well as opportunities and next steps for upscaling Eco-DRR through humanitarian programmes.


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