May 2018


DRR & Education

  • Berne

When a disaster strikes, schools are damaged or destroyed, teachers and students are injured or killed and education is disrupted, sometimes for lengthy periods. Some students
never go back to education due to this. The Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools (WISS) is a government-led global partnership for advancing safe school implementation at the national level. It is informed by the Comprehensive School Safety Framework and defines a safe school as a school combining all of the following elements:
– Safe Learning Facilities (disaster-resilient infrastructure);
– School Disaster Management; and
– Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Education.
DRR work in the education sector ensures that children have access to quality education in the safest possible environment. It addresses the universal access to quality education, the recurring humanitarian imperative for Education in Emergencies and safeguards education sector investments.

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