The Blue Guide to Coastal Resilience

Author: The Nature Conservancy
Published: 02 Feb,2021
Tags: Case Studies , Coastal , EbA , Guidance

The Blue Guide to Coastal Resilience provides DRR planners with step-by-step guidance for integrating various nature-based solutions (NbS) into DRR planning in coastal areas to support climate vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change. Through analytical tools and processes, the guide helps DRR planners assess climate risks, conditions for NbS to work, as well as the costs of using them. Its approach is highly participatory, requiring planners to work closely with local stakeholders, including communities and government decision makers, to ensure support and sustainability of NbS. The guide includes inspiring case studies that demonstrate how NbS have not only reduced impacts of climate disasters, but simultaneously increased food security, strengthened the social fabric of a community and delivered economic benefits. The Blue Guide is for DRR planners ready to shift from short to long term planning and support livelihoods in the context of climate change. An interactive version of the guide will be available on



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