Guide on how to insure a natural asset

Author: The Nature Conservancy
Published: 01 Jan,2019
Tags: Finance , Reports

“Nature sustains livelihoods and economies, reduces risk to people and infrastructure and help us to adapt to climate
change (Renaud et al., 2013; Ferrario et al., 2014; Spalding et al., 2014a, b). Nature and the ecosystem services provided
constitute an asset for people and the economy. However, nature is also at risk and can suffer severe damages from
hurricanes, fires, droughts, oil spills and other natural and anthropogenic events. Sometimes damages can be reversed
and repaired, bringing back the ecosystem services that nature provides, but immediate funds and response are required.
Transferring the risk of restoring the damages to nature is a sound financial strategy for the beneficiaries and entities
responsible for the natural asset.
This guide describes the phases and steps to design an insurance for natural assets at risk”



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