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Issue 279 - Ocotober 8 - 12, 2018
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
PEDRR Shoutout: Learning Event on DRR/CCA in fragile and conflict affected situations


The Swiss NGO DRR Platform invites you to a 1-day learning event on DRR/CCA in fragile and conflict affected situations. The event aims to sensitize practitioners on how climate and social risks are minimized, when planning and implementing risk-informed projects in fragile and climate affected settings. Environmental drivers of risk will also be discussed. Register online until 19.10.2018. For more information read here
Project Insight
Afforestation and erosion control in Turkey

More than 200,000 hectares of forest was restored in Turkey, reducing the vulnerability to erosion as well as flooding. This five year project was undertaken by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs with positive achievements for nature and people. Read more here.
New programme for research, policy advice and advocacy on nature-based solutions to climate change and disasters

Growing evidence shows that nature-based solutions can help people adapt to the effects of climate change and disasters. Those solutions receive very little funding for implementation. There remains a lack of appreciation amongst the business and government sectors on the potential for nature-based solutions to reduce climate and disaster risks. Find out more about The Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NBSI) and how it aims to address these challenges. Read more here.
New methodology for comparing and assessing risk reduction benefits of mangroves in countries 

A scientist at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute in Cantabria, Spain, has created a methodology for ranking countries that receive the greatest risk reduction benefits from mangroves, relative to their vulnerability. Read the full report here.
Using natural infrastructure to protect coastal roads and bridges
Nature-based features such as maritime forests, restoration of dunes and reefs improve the resilience of coastal areas and can protect coastal highways against storm surges and waves. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration supports pilot projects to assess the potential of ecosystem-based measures and encourages transportation agencies to improve the transportation system. Read more here.
Policy Brief 
‘Building with Nature – exploring Nature Based Solutions for water challenges’  
For World Water Day highlighting `Nature for Water`, the Director of EcoShape Consortium emphasizes the future challenges of rapid urbanization and impacts of climate change, including increasing extreme events, and the role of nature based solutions for providing innovative and comprehensive approaches to addressing these challenges. Read the full paper here.
Climate change vulnerability and adaptation strategy training


The Versed Professional Services Limited (VPSL) is providing a training for professionals working in the field of climate change, vulnerability analysis, adaptation, mitigation and response. Divided into five modules, they include case studies and demonstration of methods and tools. For more details, see here.
Changing the nature of cities: The role of urban forestry for a green, healthier and happier future

The World Urban Forestry Forum is conducting its first event in Mantova, Italy, this year and highlights four main topics: changing people, changing spaces and places, changing environment and changing benefits. The Forum will discuss the benefits of nature based solutions as an approach to future city planning. Register now and view the programme here
Job Vacancies
Communication Specialist
Organization: Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI)
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closing date: 29 October 2018

Senior Researcher, Climate Change
Organization: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Location: London or Edinburgh, UK
Closing date: 26 October 2018

For more information please see PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Australia citizens: Scientist (Riparian and Wetlands Ecology)
Organization: Victoria State Government 
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Closing date: 16 October 2018

Restoration and Ecological Management Fellow
Organization: The Nature Conservancy 
Location: Montpelier, VT, United States
Closing date: 29 October 2018
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