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Issue 272 - August 20 - 24, 2018
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
PEDRR Shoutout:  Can market systems build resilience while promoting green solutions? Experience from Nepal

In the Far West Region of Nepal, PEDRR partner Mercy Corps’ Managing Risks through Economic Development (M-RED) works to build the resilience of vulnerable communities by creating access to economic opportunities that directly contribute to disaster risk reduction. The program combines agricultural market development while promoting green infrastructure (vegetation restoration, bamboo reinforcements) and land management techniques, which together reduce disaster risk and preserve livelihood resource assets in vulnerable communities. Read the full report by Mercy Corps here.
Featured Publications
Accelerating wetland restoration in Louisiana and beyond
The state of Louisiana, U.S.A is facing a land loss crisis as wetlands turn into open water. As the coastline disappears, so does the storm surge protection it provides communities and businesses, putting people and industries at risk. To combat this crisis, Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority developed an ambitious and innovative Coastal Master Plan to protect and restore the state’s coastal areas and sustain the livelihoods of its inhabitants. Read the full report here.

Project Insights
Growing ground: Rebuilding with native trees in Puerto Rico

Seedlings like the ones at the San Juan-based tree nursery in Puerto Rico can help the country rebuild after last year’s hurricane season. Para La Naturaleza (PLN) manages 32,000 acres of protected land throughout the island, and the tree nursery is part of their programme. Native trees can revitalize deforested areas, and provide flood protection by trapping flood sediment and slowing down water before it inundates areas further inland. Read more here.
How can building with nature contribute to coastal and flood safety?
At a time when hydraulic engineers face the challenge of making infrastructure that are sustainable, cost-effective and adaptable to changing conditions, Building with Nature, which utilizes ecosystems services, demonstrates how nature-based solutions can create opportunities for nature, economy and society. Read more here.
Sri Lanka’s trauma from the 2004 tsunami results in stronger natural defences 
Almost 14 years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami that struck Sri Lanka in 2004, there is greater understanding among Sri Lankans of the importance of mangroves as a natural defense against coastal hazards. Read the full story of regenerative development to tackle disasters and climate change impacts here.
Consensus grows on nature-based solutions to climate change, but challenges remain
In two new video interviews, IIED researchers highlight the growing consensus about the value of nature-based solutions to climate change, including ecosystem-based approaches to climate impacts and adaptation, and identify challenges that need to be addressed. Click here to watch the interviews.
Upcoming Events
Global Resilience Partnership: Building a sustainable flood resilient future


This session will showcase the outcomes of the Water Window Challenge funded by Zurich Insurance through the Global Resilience Partnership. Presentations will highlight projects on ecology and gender-based flood resilience in Vietnam, and the conservation of mangroves among vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka. Click here for more information and for registration.
Job Vacancies
Director, Office of Environmental Management and Mineral Resources
Organization: International Seabed Authority
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Closing date: 4 October 2018

Intern, Disaster Risk Reduction
Organization: UN Environment
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closing date: 28 August 2018

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Sustainable Energy Finance Specialist
Organization: Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Closing date: 24 August 2018

Programme Officer (Disaster Risk and Resilience)
Organization: UNICEF
Location: India
Closing date: 24 August 2018
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