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Issue 259 - May 22-25, 2017
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
SPREP Breaks Ground on Pacific Climate Change Centre 
The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) hosted a ground breaking ceremony to begin construction of the Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC), a regional hub for collaboration and coordination to support climate-resilient development and responses to climate change. For more information, see here
How green, flexible infrastructure can make cities resilient

The exhibition NatureStructure, hosted at the Boston Society of Architects’ exhibition space, explores new engineering and infrastructure projects based on the idea of using nature to reduce the negative impacts of urban areas. The exhibit features more than 30 projects from around the globe that demonstrate the potential of “playing on the same team as nature”. Read the article here

Blue energy initiative restores cloud forests, boosts hydropower

Cloud forests harbor unique biodiversity, and can help reduce the risks of flooding, droughts and landslides. A new initiative by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Conservation International (CI), as part of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, proposes to encourage hydropower operators to pay for measurable ecosystem benefits provided by cloud forests within their plants’ catchments in locations around Latin America. For more information see here
Myanmar to embark on massive mangrove replanting programme
Conservation and reforestation of mangroves to protect from future disasters has taken priority ever since 2008, when Cyclone Nargis devastated the region of Ayeyarwady in Myanmar. 28,000 acres of mangrove forests are currently being replanted as part of a 10-year project to restore the coastal ecosystem in the territory with the cooperation of local residents. Read more here

How to redesign the Bay Area to fight future climate disasters

The competition Resilient by Design has collected nine creative ways to help reduce future flood risk in the area surrounding San Francisco Bay in the US. Looking at solutions beyond simple seawalls, these ideas aim to prevent flooding caused by stormwater and high groundwater with the use of nature. Read the full article here

Upcoming Events
The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) conferences in 2018

The Ecosystem Services Partnership will organise several conferences in 2018 focusing on the use of the ecosystem services concept in science, policy and practice to find nature based solutions for conservation, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development issues in Asia (India 9-12 October), Europe (Spain, 14-19 Oct), Latin America (Brazil, 22-25 October) and North America, together with ACES (in Washington, USA, 3-7 December). For more information see here

WATER TALK: Women, water risks and wetlands!
Partners for Resilience will hold a water talk in Brussels, in occasion of European Development Days 2018 on 5 June. The event will address the role of women in relation to water governance and wetlands conservation. With the right resources, women can become ‘key agents of change’ within their families and wider communities, and play a key role in decreasing risks of drought, loss of livelihoods, involuntary migration and conflicts. See more here
Call for Abstracts
Ecosystem Services (ESP Asia) Conference, 9-12 October 2018 in India
The 2nd ESP Asia conference will be held at the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Dehradun, India with a focus on “Communicating and Engaging Ecosystem Services in Policy and Practice in Asia”. The call for abstracts is open, and 24 sessions have been submitted linking disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation to ecosystem services. Deadline 25 June 2018. For further information, registration and abstract-submission see here
Job Vacancies
Regional Project Coordinator/ Coordinación Regional del Proyecto DIPECHO de la UNESCO
Organization: UNESCO
Location: San Josè (Costa Rica)
Close date: 25 May 2018
Director, Global Ecosystem Management Programme
Organization: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Location: Gland (Switzerland)
Close date: 01 July 2018

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