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Weekly News Alert
Issue 299
March 11-15 2019


The Fourth Session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) kicks off in Nairobi
Taking place from 11 to 15 March in Nairobi, UNEA-4 will be held at UN Environment Headquarters. Our thoughts and prayers are with colleagues, delegates and their families who have been affected by the recent tragedy involving Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. 

Under the theme ‘Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production,’ Member States have submitted
 a number of resolutions that address Eco-DRR topics, such as sustainable management of mangroves, marine protection from land-based activities, coral reefs management and geoengineering. For more information on UNEA-4 click here.
The UN General Assembly declares 2021-2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration seeks to scale up the restoration of ecosystems in an effort to fight climate change, meet the Sustainable Development Goals, ensure food and water security, and conserve biodiversity. UN Environment and FAO will lead the Decade's implementation, of which the restoration of 350 million hectares of land by 2030 could generate up to US$ 9 trillion in ecosystem services and remove 13-26 gigatons of GHG from the atmosphere. More information here.
Wetland mud: A "secret weapon" against climate change
Scientists at the University of Wollongong in Australia have found that coastal wetlands are essential in locking carbon in their soil and mitigating global warming. When marshland plants die, they become buried in the mud instead of releasing carbon in the atmosphere. Preserving wetlands is therefore critical to mitigating climate change. Read the full article here.
Project Insights  
Promoting Gender-Responsive Approaches to Natural Resource Management for Peace in North Kordofan, Sudan 

On 8 March 2019, UN Environment, UN Women, UNDP and UN Peacekeeping published the final report on their project focusing on gender, climate and security issues in North Kordofan, Sudan. The project enabled women to mobilize local authorities and communities, and on their own initiative, plant 6000 trees to restore degraded soil and combat desertification. Women play a key role in the sustainable management of ecosystems, contributing in turn to  climate change adaptation efforts in conflict-sensitive environments. Access the full report here. 


Natural climate solutions are not enough

Reaching the goal of the Paris Agreement of limiting temperature increases well below 2°C will require a dramatic effort in curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Natural climate solutions, such as forest management, are a crucial contributor to this process and provide valuable benefits for people and ecosystems. The authors of this article argue that while NCS are important, they do not decrease the imperative for mitigation from the industrial and energy sectors. Read the full piece here.

Scientific Corner

Marine heatwaves threaten global biodiversity and ecosystem services 
New research published in Nature Climate Change compares the effects of marine heatwaves that occurred in several locations around the world, highlighting the serious threat heatwaves pose to marine biodiversity and ecosystem services. Heatwaves harm corals, seagrass and kelps, as well as bird and fish species. Authors warn that heatwaves will intensify in the coming years and the impacts will only be minimized through the drastic reduction of GHG emissions, and a more adaptive management of marine ecosystems. 

Events & Trainings

Sustainable Infrastructure: Valuing the cost of risks

19 March 2019, 10:00 - 13:00
International Environment House 2, Geneva Switzerland

To attend the event, register

IUCN Papaco MOOC on the valorisation of PA resources

IUCN Papaco launched a new MOOC on the sustainable use and valorisation of resources and ecosystem services in protected areas. The course introduces some ways to sustainably valorise protected areas and their resources, contributing to their long-term conservation. The MOOC will cover the benefits (direct or indirect), including risk reduction and climate change adaptation and mitigation, provided by natural resource conservation in protected areas. Click here to enroll. 

Job Opportunities

Afforestation/Reforestation, Assisted Natural Regeneration Officer
Organization: UNDP
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Closing date: 19 March 2019

Intern, Public Information
Organization: UN Environment
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Closing date: 16 March 2019

Programme Management Assistant
Organization: UN Environment
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Closing date: 18 March 2019

Deputy Coordinator, Water and Wetlands Programme
Organization: IUCN
Location: Lao PDR Country Office, Vientiane, Lao's People's Democratic Republic Savannakhet Project Office
Closing date: 15 March 2019

Senior Director, Nature Based Climate Mitigation
Organization: Conservation International
Location: Arlington, United States of America
Closing date: Not specified

Administrative Assistant
Organization: UN Environment
Location: Bonn, Germany
Closing date: 27 March 2019

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