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Who is the target audience for this training course

Policymakers, programme managers and practitioners from government, working at national and sub-national levels in various sectors: environmental/natural resource management, environmental protection/ regulation, disaster management, urban planning, land-use planning, public finance, National Platforms for DRR, Hyogo Framework for Action focal points, and National Adaptation Plan of Action focal points.

PEDRR also welcomes collaboration with regional and national training institutions in order to further disseminate and incorporate elements of the Training Course into existing training programmes on disaster management, climate change or sustainable development.

Key topics covered in the training include:

  • What is Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction?
  • Linkages between environment, disasters and disaster risk reduction
  • Linkages between Eco-DRR and climate change adaptation
  • Eco-DRR and Post-Disaster Recovery
  • A range of “tools” or approaches may be presented
    • – Integrated Coastal Zone Management
    • – Integrated Watershed Management
    • – Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
    • – Protected Areas and DRR
    • – Community-based natural resource management    and DRR
    • – Land-use planning and Eco-DRR
  • Applying Eco-DRR in the national context: Mainstreaming into development planning and programming
  • Overview of Eco-DRR for Policymakers


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