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Issue 188 - Month November 28 - December 2, 2016
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
PEDRR Shoutout: Mangrove restoration To plant or not to plant?
Mangroves restoration yields benefits for both climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. However, replanting of mangroves can be challenging, often leading to failure. Wetlands International believe one way of avoiding planting failure is to create the right conditions for mangroves to grow back naturally. Natural regeneration methods have been shown to increase mangrove functionality and survival rates. Follow the link.

Featured Blog
Experiment to calculate the effect of natural solutions for flooding 
         © Manchester City of trees 2016 
The United Kingdoms Environmental Agency and the University of Manchester are conducting an experiment to calculate the effect that trees have in capturing pollutants and reducing surface water flooding in cities. Running over three years, initial results of the study already indicate that trees could reduce storm effects by 50%.  Click here to view the article. Similar efforts are underway in New York City - catch the news next week or on Twitter today! @PEDRRnetwork
Building with nature is a necessity for sustainable coastal management 

        © Financial Times 2016
Worldwide, coastal managers face the challenge of aligning economic development with caring for the environment. The Governments of Germany and Indonesia are combining these two priorities through “building with nature projects” in Indonesia. Such projects include regeneration of salt marshes and mangroves to reduce storm surges, while simultaneously supporting local fisheries and  protecting coastal areas from storms. For more information follow the link.
Project Insight 
Ecosystem-based adaptation and risk reduction in the Seychelles 
        ©  Adaptation Fund 2016 
Water scarcity and coastal flooding in the Seychelles are sensitive to the effects of climate change and disaster risk. A project carried out through the Adaptation Fund and the United Nations Development Programme is applying ecosystem-based approaches to restore ecosystem functionality and increase community resilience to floods. The project will help to restore critical water storage provisions and reduce floods risk. To view the full project click here.
Featured Event
Regional training course and workshop on  
Ecosystem-based adaptation and risk reduction 
The Asian-Pacific Network for Global Change Research in cooperation with United Nations University and other stakeholders, have hosted a 3-day training workshop for the ENGAGE programme (Ecosystem Based Adaptation Management and Governance for Sustainable Approach of Coastal Ecosystems) on 21-24 November, in Can Tho, Vietnam. Key topics include disaster risk reduction and ecosystem-based risk assessments. For more information follow the link.
Job Vacancies
Community Disaster Management Team leader 
Organisation: Care Australia 
Location: Goroka, Papa New Guinea 
Closing date: 11 December

Organisation: International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Location: Brussels, Belgium 
Closing date: 07 December 2016

For more information please see PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Project Officer
Organisation: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
Location: Tehran, Iran
Closing date: 15 December 

Research Fellow- Climate change Policy
Organisation: Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI)
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom 
Closing date: 13 January 2017

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