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Issue 147 - February 15 - 19, 2016
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
The best way to protect us from climate change? Save our ecosystems

©M. Venterriven
A recent study in Nature Climate Change has revealed that enhancing and preserving ecosystems is a more effective and less costly alternative to heavily engineered solutions to climate change adaptation. There is clear proof that forests, mangroves, and coral reefs protect from the impacts of climate change; thus, a policy agenda that rewards ecosystem-based adaptation must be developed. Keep reading.
Project Insights
World Bank and Tajikistan to strengthen country's climate resistance 
The Government of Tajikistan and the World Bank have signed an agreement to finance the “Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program for Aral Sea Basin”. The regional-level program will help rural communities address climate risks such as drought, and will fund ecosystem-based solutions such as on-farm water resource management and rehabilitation of degraded lands. Find out more.
Building with nature in Northern Java, taking it step by step

©Bregje van Wesenbeeck
Along the Demak coastline in Northern Java, Deltares is helping local communities build permeable dams to reduce wave strength and trap sediment in order to reverse erosion and restore a mangrove greenbelt. The mangrove forests will eventually replace the dams. Valuable lessons can be learned from this experience, including the importance of raising local awareness of the role of mangroves in risk reduction. Read the project update.
Synergies between climate mitigation and adaptation in forest landscape restoration

This study discusses current policy dialogue and on-the-ground practice of climate change mitigation/adaptation in the context of forest restoration, and explores the synergies between mitigation and adaptation. The results will guide IUCN’s work, and inform what integrated climate change adaptation/mitigation options look like in policy and practice. Read the study.
Call for Contributions
Call for features in the 5th edition of Flood and Drought Management Tools Project newsletter
DHI and IWA are looking for news, materials on activities, or events relevant to water-related risk (such as drought and flood) to be included in the fifth newsletter of their Flood and Drought Management Tools Project. The project is implemented by UNEP, IWA and DHI and develops a computer-based decision support system with tools to support planning from the transboundary to local level. Contributions are due 2 March. See past newsletters.
Photo contest: Wetlands are essential for sustainable livelihoods

The Ramsar Convention is calling for photo submissions of wetlands that demonstrate their important role in sustainable livelihoods. Participants are asked to submit their photos online by 2 March for a chance to win a flight to a wetland location anywhere in the world. The contest is open to 15-24 year olds. See more details and participate.
Model UN on Environment and Sustainable Development Conference 2016
From 17-22 April in Vienna, Austria, the MUNESD conference will give youth interested in environment, biodiversity, and international climate agreements the chance to develop an international resolution. The model UN format, whereby participants take the role of UN member state delegates, will be used. The resolution crafted by participants will form a blueprint for the protection and preservation of vulnerable, fragile and unique landscapes. Find out more and register here.   
Job Vacancies
Programme Management Officer (Temporary)
Organization: UNISDR
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Deadline: 25 February, 2016

Project Manager
Organization: UNEP
Location: Khartoum, Sudan
Deadline: 24 February 2016

For more information please see PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Manager, Communications
Organization: WBCSD
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Deadline: 4 March, 2016

Consultancy on Participatory Capacity Vulnerability Assessment and Hazard Mapping
Organization: SECOM International Development
Location: Tacloban City, The Philippines
Deadline: Until position is filled
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News Writer: Michelle Ford
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