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Issue 139 - December 7 - 13, 2015
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
 PEDRR Shoutout: Events Organized by Partners
Future Leaders Academy at the 1st World Forum on Ecosystem Governance in Beijing
On the 24-25 of October, 20 young professionals and students from around the world came together in Beijing, China, to advance discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals and climate  change. The event provided the young leaders an opportunity to shape the outcomes of the Beijing Declaration and empowered the next generation of ecosystem managers and practitioners. See event photos on PEDDR’s Facebook group. Read more on the event here.
Pan-Asian Regional Policy Forum
From 26-28 November, the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and Oxfam hosted the Pan-Asian Regional Policy Forum on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Integration of Climate  Change  Adaptation into  Environment,
Livelihood,  and Food Sectors in Bangkok, Thailand. This forum aimed to establish a knowledge-sharing platform as well as identify recommendations for improving implementation across these sectors. Check out photos on PEDRR’s Facebook group. More information here.
News from COP21
COP21 Agreement Released
On December 12th, 195 Nations signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The agreement aims to combat and adapt to climate change as well as keep global warming well bellow 2 degrees Celsius. Read the full agreement here.
Insurance industry leaders gather in support of COP21
On 27 November, leaders from the insurance industry gathered in Paris for the 7th International Insurance Conference. The Conference addressed the role of the insurance industry – as risk carriers, risk managers and investors – in mitigating and adapting to climate change. Check out the conference website here.

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Blue Carbon Partnership highlights role of coastal ecosystems 
At COP21, the Government of Australia launched the International Partnership for Blue Carbon. The Partnership aims to increase understanding of the role that coastal habitats have in storing carbon and combating climate change, and calls or actions to preserve marine ecosystems. The importance of blue carbon in disaster risk reduction and climate change resilience is acknowledged. Read the article here.

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Other News
Seychelles announces Blue Bond initiative
The Government of Seychelles has announced that it will begin issuing Blue Bonds, which are designed to raise funds for sustainable management of aquatic resources using market mechanisms. The Prince of Wales (UK), at the Commonwealth Business Forum, stated that this initiative demonstrates the link between economic prosperity and ecological resilience. Read more here.
Project Insights
Adaptation-Based Mitigation in El Salvador
For El Salvador, adaptation-based mitigation has meant reversing ecosystem damage while at the same time capturing and storing more carbon in plants and soil. The Program for Ecosystem and Rural Landscape Restoration aims to apply adaptation-based mitigation to a landscape level to create large-scale and people-focused solutions for resource management. Read more here.

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Senegal adopting climate smart agriculture to mitigate climate change 
Climate change has made drought and flood extremes more frequent in Senegal, impacting crop harvests. The West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program is helping the country cope with this reality through climate-smart agriculture initiatives. The program has provided climate-smart crop varieties, technology and training, enabling Senegalese farmers to have higher crop yields and resilience to weather extremes. Full story here.

© Dusan Bobo/World Bank
The Global Mountain EBA Programme in Nepal, Peru and Uganda 
The Governments of Germany, Nepal, Peru, and Uganda, together with UNEP, UNDP, and IUCN have partnered to implement the Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) Mountain Programme. Partners launched a recent publication at COP21 describing their experiences, lessons and insights on implementing EbA together with vulnerable mountain communities. Access the publication.


Climate Change and Water: Mark Smith of IUCN interviews for COP21
the Director of the IUCN Global Water Programme speaks about the importance of water in providing nature-based solutions for tackling climate change impacts. Watch the video here.
Scientific Corner

Opportunities, incentives and challenges to risk sensitive land use planning
In this paper, three case studies, from Vietnam, Spain and Nepal analyze how private and public investment decisions increase risk as well as the tradeoffs and solutions these investments present. Authors argue that risk sensitive land-use planning should include ecosystem-based approaches, which would reduce vulnerabilities by providing livelihoods and reducing exposure to hazards. Read the paper.

UN CC:Learn’s course on climate responsive budgeting
The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn) is offering a free e-tutorial on how governments can integrate climate change risks, as well as opportunities, into their budgets. It features a case study of an irrigation strip in Thailand as well as provides other engaging exercises. More information.
                 © UN CC:Learn 
We would like to thank Aravind S. Nair who completed his internship with UNEP's Eco-DRR Team. He has also contributed to PEDRR’s Virtual Library and carried out research on the oil industry. We wish him all the best in the future. 

Visit the new PEDRR Virtual Library here.
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