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Issue 192 - Month January  9 - 13, 2017
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
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Universitas Gadjah Mada, a leading national university based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is offering a Summer Course on Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction for Masters and PhD students from 13-26 August 2017. Students will have both in-classroom and field experience in Yogyakarta and its surroundings. Course fees include room and partial board as well as field and cultural activities. Registrations are open until 20 May 2017. To learn more, find the application process here and the 2016 course video here

Featured Publication
Regional assessment on ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and biodiversity in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean
IUCN has completed a regional assessment of significant natural hazards and their impacts in the Mesoamerica and Caribbean region, and explores linkages between biodiversity, ecosystem services and disaster risk management. Access the full document here.
Project Inghts
Gambia project uses ecosystems approach to combat coastal erosion and flooding
The Government of Gambia has implemented a 6-year project applying soil conservation, mangrove planting, water resource management and forest protection to mitigate flooding and soil erosion. A 2016 evaluation concluded that the pilot project could be replicated all over the country, which has 50% of its territory susceptible to flooding. Continue reading.

Combining nature protection, climate change adaptation and woman entrepreneurship
The Mangroves for the Future (MFF) Initiative is promoting nature-based solutions to protect coastal regions from storms and tsunamis through women-led entrepreneurship. In Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, projects have successfully increased ecosystem protection and community resilience. To learn more, click here.
‘Nature-based solutions’ is the latest green jargon that means more than you might think
An editorial article in Nature discusses terminologies used to describe practices that reference the natural world. Increasingly used, the term ‘nature-based solutions’ is still not well-understood but represents vital concepts which could encourage greater scientific research and policy debate. Read the full article to learn more.
Online Resource 
WWF US environment and disaster management web portal and helpdesk
World Wildlife Fund in the United States is offering a web portal featuring initiatives that integrate environmental considerations in disaster recovery, reconstruction and risk reduction, including training materials and related news. A 24/7 Helpdesk is available to respond to your questions about environmental issues in humanitarian action. Access the portal and the helpdesk to learn more.
Job Vacancies
Disaster Risk Management Specialist 
Organization: The World Bank
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closing Date: 18 January 2017

Advocacy Capacity Strengthening Coordinator
Organisation: CARE Nederland
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Closing Date: 26 January 2017
Intern – Environmental Affairs
Organisation: United Nations Environment Programme
Location: Panama City
Closing Date: 26 January 2017
For more information please see PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Ramsar Wetlands Crew (Conservation Practitioner II)
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Closing Date: 22 January 2017
GeoHazards international Representative 
Organization: GeoHazards International
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Closing Date: 25 January 2017

Social Media Intern
Organisation: Group on Earth Observations (GEO)
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closing Date: 16 January

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