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Issue 255 - April 23 - 27, 2018
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
PEDRR Seminar: Greening post-crisis recovery for resilient and sustainable reconstruction

This special PEDRR/UN Environment event explores various tools, approaches and initiatives, such as Integrated Strategic Environmental Assessments, Rapid Environmental Assessments or the WWF Green Reconstruction and Recovery Tool, for greener recovery. Join us on Thursday, 26 April 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. To register, contact by April 25. For more details, see here

Respecting the past, supporting the future
The Napa River Flood Management Initiative protects the city of Napa, in California, USA, from flooding and insures the city’s economic vitality and long-term business plan. The flood project is restoring marshes and increasing habitat for a host of wildlife and fauna, providing many other additional benefits to the local communities. Read the article here
Consider green infrastructure to address water challenges
The Water Resources Commission is calling for a combined use of grey infrastructure and nature based solutions to manage flood and other water challenges in Ghana. Addressing these challenges include using nature such as improved management or the creation of wetlands. Read more here
Strengthening Texas’ coastal resilience before the next Harvey
When hurricanes hit, coastal counties experience rain, wind, waves, and storm surge. With a changing climate, we can expect more extreme weather along the coastal areas of Texas, USA. Strategically placing parklands and restoring large swaths of prairie and wetlands can also reduce flooding by absorbing and holding floodwaters. Restoring other natural features can also help mitigate the effects of storms. Read the full article here
Featured Publications
Assessing the interaction between mountain forests and snow avalanches at Nevados de Chillán, Chile and its implications for ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction


Gravitational natural hazards such as snow avalanches, rockfalls, shallow landslides and volcanic activity represent a risk to mountain communities around the world. This paper shows how local Nothofagus broadleaf forests, in Chile, contribute to a reduction of avalanche runout distances as well as impact pressure on present infrastructure, thus constituting a valuable Eco-DRR measure that can substitute or complement other traditional measures such as snow sheds. Access the publication here
Comparing the cost effectiveness of nature-based and coastal adaptation: a case study from the Gulf Coast of the United States
Coastal risks are increasing from both development and climate change. This study compares the cost effectiveness of different adaptation measures. These include nature-based, structural or grey, and policy measures, with results showing that nature-based adaptation options such as wetland and oyster reef restoration are found to be particularly cost-effective. Read the full report here
Adaptation to Climate Change in Rainfed Agriculture: Soil Biodiversity as Natural Insurance


Accelerating climate change is expecting to cause an increase of drought frequency in many parts of the world. This report addresses the role of soil biodiversity conservation as an optimal ecosystem-based adaptation strategy to mitigate droughts, in combination with key hydrological, agronomic and economic parameters. Read the paper here
Learning Opportunities
Urban Resilience Education – New International Master Degree
The Urban Resilience Research Network (URNet), developed a 1-year master’s program hosted by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, entitled City Resilience Design and Management, bridging the educational gap between universities and municipalities. The programme addresses four main perspectives related to urban resilience: resilience of the built environment, ecosystem based solutions, economic and city services resilience, and community resilience. For more information, visit the website here
Job Vacancies
Consultant: IT Support Specialist
Organization: African Risk Capacity (ARC)
Location: South Africa (Johannesburg) 
Close date: 25 April 2018

Advisor, Disaster Risk Management and Resilience
Organization: UNDP
Location: New York, USA
Close date: 30 April 2018

For more information please see PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Director, Forestry and Natural Resource Management
Organization: Winrock International
Location: Arlington, VA, US
Close date: ASAP

Consultancy: Household Economy Analysis (HEA) & Pre-Crisis Market Analysis Baseline Studies
Organization: Oxfam – America
Location: Philippines 
Close date: 29 April 2018
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