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Issue 222 August 07 - 11, 2017
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
PEDRR Shoutout : A guide to the landscape approach for disaster risk reduction


This new publication by Wetlands International and CARE defines the idea of a landscape by presenting its main geo-ecological and socioeconomic features. It provides guidance on how to reduce disaster risk at the landscape level, detailing 7 steps to ensure a socially inclusive, economically viable and environmentally sustainable disaster risk reduction process. Access the publication here for more details.
Kenya: building drought resilience with chillies
Worsening drought and erratic rainfall are forcing pastoralist communities in Kenya to turn to farming for a living. A programme by the Food and Agricultural Organization is pushing for the adoption by local farmers of high value-added crops such as chillies, a drought-tolerant plant. While transforming agroecosystems, the programme, supported by the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation, reduces vulnerability to drought and the level of risk borne by smallholder farmers. Learn how here.
Bioengineering against floods and landslides in Timor-Leste
Partnering with government and local villagers, the United Nations Development Programme is quite literally paving the way for development in Timor-Leste. Road construction work  including ecosystem-based solutions for disaster risk reduction is being carried out. Tree planting helps stabilise the newly-built roads and decreases risks of landslides, and selling the trees’ fruits could in turn provide a new economic opportunity to support local livelihoods.  Learn more here.
Upscaling ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (eco-DRR) investments to reduce disaster risks
To be held on 13 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, this conference organised by the European Commission, UNISDR, UNESCO and Wetlands International will  highlight evidence of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of community- ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation solutions, on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. More information to follow here.
New publication
The money value of mangrove flood protection
This policy brief by the Nature Conservancy and World Bank summarises information on the social and economic value of flood protection benefits from mangroves in the Philippines. This work aims to support decisions across development, aid, risk reduction and conservation sectors as they seek to identify sustainable and cost-effective approaches for risk reduction. Read further here.
Scientific corner
Farming legislation and disaster risk reduction in the US
A new article by the Union of Concerned Scientists, “Turning Soils into Sponges”, examines ordinary farming practices such as no-till or rotational grazing, which, if used more widely in the United States, could reduce flood and drought risk for both cities and agricultural land. The techniques in review have the potential to produce more porous and richer soils that let stormwater soak into them. Current farm legislation could be revised to encourage the adoption of such practices, as suggested in the policy recommendations. Read the article here.
Call for abstracts
9th ESP World Conference on Ecosystem Services: Call for abstracts extended
The 9th World Conference of the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) will be held in Shenzhen, China 11-15 December 2017.  The overarching theme for this year will be “Ecosystem Services for Eco-civilisation: restoring connections between people and landscapes through Nature Based Solutions”. The call for abstracts is now open until 31 August 2017. Find more information on the conference here.
Job Vacancies
Junior Professional – Environmentally sound waste management
Organisation: UN OHCHR  
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closing date: 14 August 2017
Intern - Information Management

Organisation: UNISDR
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closing date: 11 June 2018
Northern Great Plains Office Intern
Organisation: WWF
Location: Bozeman, USA
Closing date: 23 August 2017

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