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Issue 178 - September 19- 23, 2016
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
"Let mangroves recover to protect coasts "
  Click Here to read the BBC’s interview with one of the PEDRR partners. In her interview, Femke Tonneijck, Wetlands International's programme manager for coastal wetlands, explains why ecological mangrove restoration is a more effective method of preventing coastal disasters, than mangrove planting programmes. Rather than focusing on the number of trees planted, restoration projects maintain the species diversity and ecosystem services of mangrove forests, which are essential for their role as natural buffers to coastal hazards. 
Project Insight 
Community-based afforestation programme in Pakistan 
Holistic Understanding for Justified Research and Action (HUJRA), a non-profit organization, is working with local villages in Pakistan to undertake reforestation activities. Over 26 acres were planted to revitalize the ecosystem and promote agro-forestry, offering greater food security to the community, and protection from soil erosion, flood and drought. For more information click here. 

  Call for proposals
7th World Conference on Ecological Restoration 
The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) and partner groups will host the 7th Biennial World Conference on Ecological Restoration in Iguassu, Paraná, Brazil from 27 August to 01 September  2017. The conference will focus on ecosystem services, natural resilience, restoration of coastal, dryland and agro-ecosystems, and climate change. The final date for proposal submission is 20 December 2016. 1,500 delegates are expected from government agencies, inter-governmental organizations, NGOs, and private sector organizations. Click Here 
Scientific Corner
 Natural Defences In Action : Harnessing Nature to Protect our Communities  
This new report by the US National Wildlife Federation presents Eco-DRR case studies that highlight how natural ecosystems are being used across the US to reduce disaster risk and climate-related hazards. It also provides recommendations for policy reform, research and advocacy of best practices.For details
Job Vacancies
Climate Institutional and Capacity Building Expert
Organization: Partners In Health (PIH)
Location: South Asia        
Closing Date: 4 October 2016

Internship: Climate Change Adaptation
Organization: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
Location: Rome, Italy  
Closing Date:3 October 2016

For more information please see PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Emergency Response Coordinator
Organization: Gruppo Di  Volontariato Civil
Location: Occupied Palestinian Territories
Closing Date: 16 October 2016

National Coordinator
Organization: International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Closing Date: 6 October 2016

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