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Issue 202 - March 20 - March 24, 2017
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
Video of the week
Cities in South Africa consider green Infrastructure
Green Infrastructure in the Gauteng City-Region
What is green infrastructure? What positive impacts could it bring?
The Gauteng City-Region Observatory, based in South Africa, presents an informative video about Green Infrastructure and transforming the urban environment to promote sustainable development and disaster resilience. Check out the video above
'Forest cities': The radical plan to save China from air pollution
By 2020, we may be able to see the first forest city in China. Italian architect Stefano Boeri, who was famed for his Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) skyscraper complex in Milan, unveiled a similar project for the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing. Furthermore, he is designing an entire green city for China which is expected to be built by 2020. Green projects seek to alleviate major air pollution problems and urban heat island effects in Chinese cities. Check out the full article here
The hidden threat of Kenya’s worsening drought

Kenya is suffering from a devastating drought. Their longest watercourse, Tana River, now holds only one-fifth of its water compared to 50 years ago, contributing to water shortages. There are many drivers to the problem including poor water resource management and ecosystem degradation. Check out the full article here.
Three experts reflect on climate change, cities, and the need to scale up green infrastructure
Experts from the Clean Air Partnership, University of Maryland and green infrastructure research network discuss climate change challenges in North American cities and the use of green infrastructure. Check out their opinions here.
Scientific Corner
Reconsider the impact of trees on water cycles and climate

The research paper ‘Trees, forests and water: Cool insights for a hot world’ suggests that the direct effects of trees on climate through rainfall and cooling may be more important than their capacity of storing carbon. The study concludes that trees play an important role for food security and climate change adaptation by redistributing water. Check out the full journal paper here.
Upcoming Events
Grey to Green Conference
The Grey to Green Conference, which will explore the performance, economic valuation, design policy and technology of green infrastructure worldwide, is going to take place in Toronto, Canada from 08-10  May 2017. Registration for early bird rates is available until 08 April 2017. Check out details here.
Job Vacancies
Senior Officer, Climate Finance
Organization: ICLEI, World Secretariat
Location: Bonn, Germany
Closing Date: 15 April 2017

Senior Technical Consultant for National Adaptation Plans/ Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) support to African Anglophone countries
Organization: United Nations Development Programme
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Closing Date: 30 March 2017 

Policy Officer, Energy Programme
Organization: IISD
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closing Date: 7 April 2017

For more info about the aforementioned job vacancies, please visit PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Programme Analyst, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (Myanmar nationals only)
Organization: United Nations Development Programme
Location: Yangoon, Myanmar
Closing Date: 29 March 2017

Program Manager, NAP Global Network
Organization: IISD
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Closing Date: Open until position filled

Programme Specialist, Climate Change and Energy- P4
Organization: United Nations Development Programme
Location: Panama City, Panama
Closing Date: 05 April 2017
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