PEDRR Lunch Seminar
Advancing the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda through Ecosystem-based solutions and Celebrating 10 years of PEDRR 2008-2018
Date:          4 December 2018
Location:   Palais des Nations, Geneva

The objective of this event is to assess how ecosystem-based approaches are supporting implementation of our global commitments to build local and national resilience against disasters and climate change. This seminar will discuss effective ways of reporting achievements against these global commitments. Specifically, it will address current efforts in advancing and scaling up Eco-DRR implementation and reporting mechanisms for the Sendai Framework and SDGs, Convention on Biological Diversity, and Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Speakers are invited to share their visions and perspectives on new opportunities for expanding the role of ecosystems across the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. This event also marks PEDRR’s 10th year anniversary of promoting ecosystem-based solutions for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Join us to envision new ways of working together to scale up implementation of ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and promote more sustainable and resilient local and national development.

*RSVP to by 29 November.



International Mountain Day

Date:         11 December 2018
Location:   Worldwide

International Mountain Day 2017 provides an occasion to highlight how climate, hunger and migration are affecting highlands and to ensure that sustainable mountain development is integrated into the 2030 Agenda and in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

World Wetlands Day 2019

“Wetlands: The key to coping with climate change”
Date:          2 February 2019
Location:   Worldwide

The theme of the World Wetlands Day 2019 addresses one of the most pressing problems that humanity is facing and draws attention to the vital role of wetlands as a natural solution to cope with the increasing frequency and severity of extreme events such as storms and floods!

PEDRR Science-Policy Workshop 2019
Date:         12-14 February 2019
Location:   Bonn, Germany
By invitation only

The three-day workshop will combine a 10-year celebration of PEDRR achievements, envisioning PEDRR’s work in the decade to come, stocktaking on key science-policy issues and gaps related to Eco-DRR / EbA, poster sessions for scientists and practitioners, a PEDRR working group session and a meeting of instructors who teach Eco-DRR to further promote curricula and educational exchanges.





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