Quarterly Seminars

The Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR) is a global partnership comprised of UN agencies, international and regional NGOs as well as specialist institutes that collectively aim to influence policy, enhance implementation and better coordinate efforts in environmental management for disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and sustainable livelihoods. It promotes ecosystems management as the key strategy to reduce disaster risk, increase local resilience and adapt to a changing climate

PEDRR has initiated a Quarterly Seminar Series entitled, “Disasters, Resilience and Eco-Solutions”, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The main aim of the series is to stimulate awareness, discussion and debate on sustainable ecosystem management solutions for building resilience to disasters and its relevance for public policy. It brings together scientists, researchers, practitioners as well as policymakers and aims to reach out to the wider Geneva public.

QUARTERLY SEMINAR SERIES on Disasters, Resilience and Eco-Solutions

"From Natural Disasters to Natural Defenses: Seeing Nature as Part of the Solution"


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